So, what about summer? Is everyone gone?

Summer Experience 2019

Summer can be awesome. 

Cincy Navs continues through the summer semester at UC, have no fear! We know lots of students end up spending the summer on or near campus for classes, co-op, summer jobs, and a variety of other reasons.

We meet on Wednesday evenings to discuss and explore what the Bible has to say about Jesus, what that means for our lives, and how to share it with our friends. Instead of having a lecture-style "large group" experience, we opt for a smaller, discussion-based format that welcomes everyone from incoming freshmen to graduated seniors, so that community and spiritual connections don't get lost in the heat! Our meeting is casual, easygoing, open, and welcoming, whether you're already familiar with Christian faith or you're simply exploring it, perhaps for the first time. 

When:     7pm, every Tuesday from May 9th to July 25th
Where:    Burnett Woods Pavilion

email with any questions. 


Summer Training Program (STP)

No, you don't have to feel stuck at home over the summer! We participate in a Summer Training Program in St Petersburg, Florida for seven weeks in the months of June and July. STP guides you through a wildly fun summer filled with learning and growing in faith, work, and evangelism while living in teams of Navigator peers from other campuses. Check out the STP website for more details, photos, FAQs, application, and more.