Life seems full of hard questions; let's explore them together.

We are all a work in progress and we all need friends for the journey. We are a Christian community on campus open to anyone interested in exploring what Christians believe, anyone longing to find deep friendships, and anyone who wants to learn how to grow spiritually. Come as you are and leave college equipped to make a difference in the world wherever you go. 

Belong, Believe, Become.

About us 

Find out about what we believe in, and how we practice living like Jesus through our community-focused events, weekly group meetings, and outreach opportunities.

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Join our community

Want to get connected with us? Show up at a group meeting, talk with a staff member, come play basketball, or get involved with our inner-city ministry partner, I-58, serving in Walnut Hills.

Small groups

Monday  ||  Stratford Heights Bldg. 16 Lobby ||  7:30pm
Monday  ||  Daniels Hall Lobby  ||  7:30pm

Tuesday  ||  Swift Hall rm. 820  ||  7:30pm
Tuesday  ||  Siddall Hall Lobby  ||  7:30pm

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Large group

Wednesdays  ||  Law Building, rm. 114  ||  7:30pm

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