We're an authentic, transformational, missional community.

We value things that are real, and we strive to be real about who God is and who we are. We realize that all people are a work in progress and so we strive to create a safe environment to explore spirituality and struggle with real issues and real questions. Jesus is the core of our community. Our desire is to connect with him and to help others do the same. As we do this, we begin a process of transformation into the men and women we were created to be. God has created us for good works, but many of us have lost sight of our true purpose in life. We hope to restore one another to true meaning and purpose as we connect with Jesus and discover his purposes for us. We were created to live in community with God and others. We believe that this community is impossible to find apart from Jesus. We strive to be united with one another as family. 


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Find out about what we believe in, and how we practice living like Jesus through our community-focused events, weekly group meetings, and outreach opportunities.

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