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Charly Sommers

Charly and Christina Sommers have been serving with the Navigators at the University of Cincinnati since 2004. They both began following Jesus through a community of Navigators in 1995 while in college. They have 5 children – Grace, Nathan, Rose, Jonathon, and Joy. 


Evan Griffin

Evan and Kim Griffin have been on staff with the Navigators at UC since (wait for it…) 1989. Evan is also a UC Communication Professor. Evan and Kim have a son, Tyler (5/2/05), who loves sports, all things LEGO, and Jesus (not necessarily in that order).


Katy Dietz

Katy has been on staff with the Navigators for seven years, serving with college students both here at UC and at Purdue, where she completed her training as a Nav Rep. She now lives and works in Walnut Hills with our inner-city Navigators partner, I-58. Rock climbing and laughing loudly both figure prominently in her extracurricular activities, and she's always pumped to share both of those things with new people!


Andrew Gauggel

Andrew loves everything. No seriously, everything. He’s a reader, a writer, an artist, a communicator, a teacher, a knitter, a philosopher, a barista, and he mostly doesn’t get paid for any of that. Since graduating from UC with his Master’s in Architecture, Andrew has been learning what it means to live the adventure that God has for him. He and his wife Lindsey live in a cute little apartment near campus with their many plants.


Hannah Neely

Hannah graduated in 2011 from UC with degrees in Spanish and education, and she came on staff with the Navs in 2012. She loves hearing people's stories, helping them know Jesus in a real, life-changing way, and equipping them to make Jesus known to others. She is married to Keaton and they love Cincinnati, coffee, cooking, culture, and snuggling with their 18 pound cat named Zipper. Hannah appreciates good puns and a good pair of socks.

Elena 2.JPG

Elena KING

Elena has served with The Navigators the past three years after graduating with her Master's degree in Speech Pathology. She loves acting like a child, cracking jokes, talking about anything, and smiling a lot. She is passionate about seeing God's restoration in the lives of woman with sexual brokenness, as well as learning to live an abundant life with Jesus (John 10:10)! Her husband, Sam, works as a Mechanical engineer and you’ll see him around as well.


Tyler & Kim Stark

Tyler and Kim began serving on staff with Navigators in 2015 at the University of Kentucky. Tyler began following Jesus during his time as a student in Navigators; Kim's relationship with Christ was deeply impacted by her time in Navigators at Kent State University, where she learned the importance of generational discipleship. Tyler and Kim love challenging, mentoring and equipping students to grow deeper in their relationships with Christ. They also love movie marathons, traveling, euchre and board games, coffee shops, and Hulu. Kim is an Interpreter for the Deaf with a degree in ASL/English Interpreting and Tyler holds degrees in Classical Guitar Performance. They have one son, Oliver.



Holly joined staff with the Navigators in 2016 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Psychology. She loves to try new things and spend time outside, especially in the fall and spring. Holly has a cat named Ellie, and share stories and pictures of her often. She is passionate about hearing the stories of other people's lives, helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus, and discipleship.



Josh Bodziony

Josh is passionate about too many things for his own good. He loves to do or hear anything he can find beauty in; which, if you look hard enough, you can find in everything... see the problem? Josh graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Educational Studies. He has been learning God has an incredible story for everyone that is 100% unique and is on an adventure to hear as many of those stories as he can.


Erin Robison

Erin graduated from UC with a degree in architecture. She gets excited about almost everything, but is especially passionate about sports, worship music, and dogs. She’s the kind of girl that sings in the shower and dances in the car. Most importantly she is passionate about helping students build a spiritual foundation that will last a lifetime.

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